Back to work after the Holidays

You’ve just likely had a long break and now your back to work and the daily grind. It’s cold, the holiday glow is over, and you have a few months of winter to look forward to. This can be a hard time of year. A few small changes can help with this.

First come back to work refreshed!

Sure, you’d probably much rather continue to indulge in Christmas cookies and post-holiday sales, but instead of dwelling on the fact that vacation is over, focus on reaping the benefits from your time off. A full night’s sleep, a break from stress of the office, a mental and physical break from your desk—these are all things that you’re probably not used to getting, so they should help you feel refreshed and ready to focus on the new year.

Set new goals!

Having a fresh start and something to focus on can give you a momentum boost. Goals Should be attainable and measureable. Set small goals and something new. Little changes over time can become a new routine.

And lastly, Play!

Play is for kids doesn’t apply anymore. Studies show that adults who take timeout of the day to ‘play’ and have fun are twice as productive and overall happier in their jobs. So buy some indoor snowballs (trust us these are really fun), or a nerf gun and take 10 minutes to play when you’re in a rut.

Have a growthful and productive 2016!