Building New Habits

The overall growth of a business or a team is based on you. Doing what youve always done will eventually lead to less production, less effective, less fit, less everything.

Doing more, doing new things, and change is the key to growth. A solution may be to build new habits.

Here are 3 easy ways to build new habits.

1. Start Small

Getting started on anything is the biggest challange. Once you’ve started, it’s almost easier to keep it going. After a few weeksthe action will start to become a habit, something you do automatically. [] Suggests it takes 21 days for a new habit to become a new routine. SO stick with it!

2. Stack Habits

We have plenty of existing habits; getting your morning coffee, logging onto your computer, eating a snack. You do these things without thinking about them.

Use these triggers for new habits. For example when you get up to get your morning coffee, take a walk around the block, or the office first to add the habit of exercize with the old routine.

Stregthening work relationships is a good one. Whenever you get up to get a snack or take a bathroom break, stop for 5 minutes and chat with someone. It’s still the old routine but becomes new.

3. Reward Yourself

Now the fun part. Everytime you perform a new habit, celebrate. Celebrating each time reinforces the value of doing small things over and over, rather than reaching the far off goal. Celebrate loosing 2 pounds in stead of waiting for your end goal for example.

An accountablity partner can be a good tool to stay focused and have someone to celebrate with.

Lastly pick one habit to change at a time. Picking too many at once can be overwhelming. Start small, celebrate, and eventually you can change your habits.