Can weather effect your moods?!?


With the last blast of extreme cold and Springs arrival looming just out of reach the weather can have a major effect on your mood!

Most Midwesterners have heard of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is a real affliction, though many of us joke about having it during the winter months and it can make living in colder climates a challenge for many people. It’s thought that those who suffer from SAD may be particularly affected by the lack of light during the darker winter month, studies have found that when SAD sufferers are exposed to light, particularly during the morning hours, they tend to feel better.

SAD is a relatively uncommon condition, but even those who don’t suffer from it may experience drops in mood levels and well-being during the winter months or in colder climates. Overall we are staying in more, eating richer foods and exercising less. All of which can affect our mood and productivity. So weather alone may not play a factor but it can contribute too many things that make winter harder and a little more “down”.

Summer and extreme heat also has mood effects but overall research shows that people in more temperate climate are overall happier. This just means us cold weather dwellers have to work a little harder during our colds months.

Spring is so close and this last winter blast will surely be a distant memory soon but man it sure is cold!!! Stay warm, get as much sunlight as you can when it’s available, and plan a vacation!!

(photo credit Daniel Frauchiger)