Personal Social Media; A Million Dollar Industry

Blogging and social media accounts (Instagram-Snap chat-Twitter) have taken off with millions of writers putting their lives, pictures, and stories out into the world. Some personal accounts take off and their following can reach thousands.

Personal posting quickly became an industry waiting to make money. Companies took notice of the outreach that blogs can have to a specific market and jumped on it.

Ad spaces and sponsored posts can be inexpensive compared to the amount of traffic that is viewing it. Word of mouth is everything these days and if a popular account uses, likes, or recommends a product, it is likely to be purchased by the readers.

Product reviews are a great way to get out there. You’re not just seeing a product on a commercial with an actor and her fake family. You get to see a real person using it and deciding the good and bad. This is very attractive to readers and it gives them a realistic perspective on products which increases the likelihood of sales.

It’s also a quick way to reach your target audience. Mom social media accounts for instance have a following of 98% moms. Your target audience is already there for you. It applies for all markets; 20-something, men, athletic, wedding age, etc.…

So follow trends…follow bloggers and personal social media accounts.