Season of Giving

We take this season to reflect back on our year and think about how we can give back.

This year sadly we lost an employee, Mark Hansen (assembly and warehouse manager). We helped head up a fundraiser with One Hope United. Employees, clients, and friends pitched in time, silent auction items, and money to help raise money for Mark’s family. It’s never easy to lose a loved one and having an employee you see on a daily basis suddenly get sick and pass away is not easy. We were fortune to have known Mark and were happy to help out his family this season.

Another cause we wanted to support this year was one our church, Willow Creek, was hosting. The wanted to help juvenile kids recently released from prisons. Most are near homeless and desperately need items, supplies, and just a little hope. We purchased items to donate to these young adults in hopes they would aid in helping them find there away again.

Another way we helped was again with One Hope United. We donated gift wrap items and bows for them to help give to orphans in the Lake County facility. We loved the idea of giving back to kids and helping their season be magical even without a home.

We can’t help but feel very fortunate this year for all we have been blessed with. It feels so good to give back in any way we can to spread the joy we feel and hopefully make others holiday season joyous as well.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year.