Women Consumers May Hold the Power

When it comes to POP and shopping statistics show that you may want to gear your efforts towards women. It’s long known that women love to shop and although this cliché is mostly true the influence women have on all household shopping is key in marketing.

Online shopping is quickly becoming the preferred method but even still 45% still shop in store. This makes the need for excellent POP displays important. Technology makes it quick and easy to buy but there is something to be said for the actual shopping experience of being in store.

Not only are women doing most of the shopping, they have a major influence on the household shopping. A study found women wield power when it comes to influencing men, with 71 percent having input into what their husbands and boyfriends wear; 69 percent grooming; 51 percent influencing travel plans; 39 percent buying technology for men; and 18 percent of women are the primary buyers or shoppers of cars. This proves that even displays for men need to appeal to women as well.

The study also found celebrities have considerable influence over what these women buy. Almost half said they have purchased a product because it was celebrity-endorsed. Displays that use celebrities although expensive can have tremendous buying presence.

When men do make it out to shop it shows they are hugely influence by sales people. About 30% of men will base decisions on sales associates or convincing displays. Playing on this statistic could sway men easily to buy your brand. Technology in displays has been shown to influence men as well. The ‘cool’ display can add value to that product over others.

Bottom line is pay attention to women and their interests when marketing a display. It can make a major difference in buying power.